He was born on June 15 in the city of Bogota, Colombia. At the age of nine he started his first steps into basketball, by the age of fifteen was recruited to be team player in his high school to compete at 1970 state championships. While still in high school and at early collage years, but at the same time earning his degree in Economics; since the system of the sport is different to the one known in the USA, an unlimited number of private companies hired him to play basketball for them on various tournaments at local and state level. This experience also engaged him to be recruited to compete at national level representing his collage. An offer was extended from UCLA to come and play for them, but a decision to continuo at his town collage was made. Unfortunately a traffic accident took him out of the game for a season. At his return, it was time as well to graduate, and a week after he migrates to Miami, Florida in 1981.

Basketball was the ideal tool to learn the new language, for the next two years successfully continued playing until his kneesí cartilage gave up on him and the dream was over. This incident gave him the opportunity to open a new door, cycling. The success on his carrier as a financial and accounting consultant, gave him the opportunity to learn and put the necessary time to develop himself into the new discipline. It was not until 1990 when he could see some victories at local level, to then jump into the international circle in countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and obviously Colombia, obtaining victories and defeats as well. Ironically speaking, you could say that he was a basketball player at the cycling Mecca and became a cyclist at the Basketball Mecca.

Next step after many international podiums through the continent and FL State championships at different cycling disciplines like track and so on, encourage him to participate at the 2005 Edmonton Canada, World Senior Games with an honorable 7th place.

In 1988 he got incorporated in the State of Florida, creating a small accounting practice (F Angel & Assoc. Inc.), to help small corporations with financial statements,  Federal and State income taxes.

Back in 1999 he was the creator of the Floridaís oldest cycling racing event called Rosewood Series, composed of 20 races per season, where he as a racer accomplished the leaderís jersey, sprinterís jersey, points champion jersey and season championís jersey as well. Now days, Rosewood Series still stronger than ever, but his participation got limited to the winter series.

His knowledge not only as cyclist, but as a USAC certified race promoter, teamís captain and USAC certified coach, gave him the necessary skills to serve as cycling analyst for Bein Sports USA TV station, on international level events like Giro díItalia, Tour de Suisse and many more one day classics. As of now his time is devoted to this passion of pain and glory that pedaling stroke by stroke seeks only to continue developing cycling in South Florida, of course without losing the competitive edge and spirit that will give him probably more podiums to come.

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